Club Organization

  • Legal & Finance

    The Legal & Finance Department deals with the clubs financial and legal issues. This includes controlling the monetary resources, setting up the club’s rules and keeping the club in line with the legal environment.

  • Human Resources

    The Human Ressources Department is an area of administrative focus on all current and future members of the club. They handle the application process and recruiting, writing certificates, organizing teambuilding and socializing events for the Club's members.

  • IT and Knowledge

    The IT & Knowledge Department is responsible for the Club’s Information management, the development and administration of our IT infrastructure and IT-Training of the members.

  • Projects

    The Projects Department implements small projects supporting club-internal processes and increases learning between members through providing workshops.

  • Marketing

    The Marketing Department aims to enhance the club's visibility. Among the responsibilities are brand management, event management, PR, internal and external communication, social media appearance, recruiting for marketing, and corporate design.

  • Key Account Management

    The Key Account Management Department is developing and fostering relationships with industrial, technological and academic partners. They are responsible for the clubs sponsorships and connection to other companies.

Club Achievements

July 2017
Morgan Stanley becomes an official sponsor of TU Investment Club.
April 2017
Citi becomes official silver sponsor of TU Investment Club.
September 2015
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is now an official sponsor of TU Investment Club.
June 2015
Armira Partners becomes an official sponsor of TU Investment Club.
April 2015
Rothschild is now an official silver sponsor of TU Investment Club.
August 2013
MSMIF UG is offically established. The non-profit organization will independently manage our portfolio.
February 2013
The Club establishes an official premium partnership with Barclays.
January 2012
Oliver Wyman becomes official sponsor of TU Investment Club.
November 2009
TU Investment Club is legally established as a German e.V.
Fall 2008
Jens Grudno looks for fellow interested students to found an investment club in Munich. The team gains support of Prof. Kaserer, head of the Department of Financial Management and Capital Markets at TU Munich

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there no German website?

English is the major language in finance as it is in a lot of areas of global importance. Most jobs in the industry require employees to be fluent in English and possibly go abroad for business purposes. Our website is completely in English just as the majority of the industry's websites.

Do you communicate in English only, are events held in English?

Our meetings and events are mostly held in German as most participants are native speakers. However, we will also communicate in English internally if necessary. For our public events, you will always be informed about the language in the event description. Sometimes our sponsors and event partners require us to communicate in English.

How important is diversity to the TU Investment Club?

We highly appreciate that we attract members from all genders, from diverse nationalities and from a variety of professional backgrounds. We feel that a plethora of interests is an important asset for both our social club life and within the investment departments. We understand ourselves as a first step to overcoming finance stereotypes and are happy to welcome all kinds of finance enthusiasts.

Do I need to apply for events? How do I apply?

We intend to organize application-oriented events. Therefore, participation is limited to an adequate number of people. Application will be open until a few days prior to the event. Make sure to apply online for any events you wish to paricipate in. Please check the event description to learn about any limitations, application (documents) and deadlines.

I have no background in finance or business administration, can I participate?

Your university background is not important to participate in our events or to become a Club Member. In the Club, we are already quite diversified in terms of courses of studies. Each semester we start with our internal curriculum, suitable for any student. Most important is your motivation, you can train everything else but that. Generally, in the UK & US it is more common to start a career in finance with different backgrounds. For our events with external partners, there will always be a focus on your proven interest and experience.

Club Management

Melina Blonski

Chief Brand Officer
Melina Blonski studies Mathematics as well as Economics at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. Her role as CBO is to coordinate all activities and events aiming to increase the club's brand awareness.

Arijan Klepica

Chief Information Officer
Arijan Klepica studies Information Systems at Technische Universität München. He heads the Club's IT and Knowledge Department.

Christian Wanzek

Chief Human Resources Officer
Christian Wanzek studies Management & Technology at Technische Universität München. As CHRO he is responsible for the club's membership administration purposes and social events as well as the club's recruiting process.

Isabel Wang

Chief Financial Officer
Isabel Wang studies Architecture at Technische Universität München. She heads the Club's Legal & Finance Department.

Julian Schmid

Chief Communications Officer
Julian Schmid heads the Club's Relationship and Event Management. He studies Mechanical Engineering as well as Management and Technology. Feel free to contact Julian for sponsoring and partnership opportunities with TU Invest.