Our Requirements

The TU Investment Club lives by its members. Therefore, we are looking for someone who is:

  • Currently enrolled at a university, preferably in Munich (TUM, LMU, HSM)
  • Highly motivated, willing to commit and contribute 5-10 hours of your weekly time during the semester to the club
  • Interested in Finance and Investment
  • Fluent in German and English
  • A team player with strong organizational and communication skills
  • An expert in a specific field like IT or Marketing. That would be an additional plus.

Your Benefits

Being part of TU Invest does not only mean gaining investment knowledge but has several other advantages:

  • Participation in a Junior Analyst Training
  • Excellent professional and academic network
  • Gain access to exclusive internships
  • Exclusive workshops with partner companys
  • Experience in team leadership and project management
  • A platform to exchange new investment ideas
  • Meet exciting new people from a lot of different fields
  • Possiblity to volunteer and dedicate yourself to society

The Application Process


Apply Online

Apply online by filling out the online form and submitting your CV in German or English as well as a letter of motivation in which you describe your intentions for joining the club.
Deadline: 21st of April,11:59 pm


About one week after the application deadline the best applicants will be invited to an interview with some of our senior club members who want to get to know you better.
27th – 29th of April

Become a member

We will notify you about our decision shortly after the interview. Then you decide in which organizational and investing team you want to work. A senior member will be your mentor.
Summer Semester 2018
Recruitment Officer Headshot
Questions? Don't hesitate to contact our Head of Talent Acquisition:
Felix Perner

Application for the upcoming semester opens on the 25th of March at 00:00 am