Welcome to the Club!

Our Mission

Gain Inside Knowledge

Our primary goal is to train members and maximize their financial knowledge. Through our internal and external events, we are able to provide extended inside knowledge on finance related topics that go beyond the Bachelor and Master curriculum. Additionally, the club's members foster their skills and knowledge in internal communities and the club's investing portfolio.

Encourage Leadership

Members of the club are encouraged to initiate projects of their own and to supervise them as the project leader. Both the assumption of responsibility and the accumulated investing knowledge turn the clubs' members into conscientious and open-minded professionals.

Enrich Campus Life

Our activities aim to enrich Munich’s campus life by promoting a platform for students to exchange and share their knowledge and insight in the areas of finance and investment. Through our projects and club life, we intend to increase our universities’ appeal for both national and international students.

Our Offerings

Real Money Fund

Through our real money portfolio - The Munich Student Managed Investment Fund (MSMIF) - we offer our members hands-on investing experience. Following a value investing approach, we not only learn how to invest in financial markets but also to assess companies’ business models and to understand their business environment.

Internal Training

In order to fulfill our educational mission, we offer our members a range of multilateral trainings and seminars. Our month long junior analyst training for example enables our members to be part of the value investing team. Additionally, our language, computer and teamwork seminars are giving them the opportunity to stand out with even more than their profound investment knowledge.

Speaker Series

As an interface to the industry, we regularly host finance professionals in our Speaker Series. Lectures held by long-time professionals, workshops and real-life case studies offer great opportunities to discuss financial matters in-depth.