Welcome to the Munich Student Managed Investment Fund - MSMIF!

Our Mission

Increase Investing Know-How

With the help of numerous professionals from the finance industry we established a sustainable tailor-made investment strategy. Workshops, trainings and the continuous analysis of investment opportunities assures that all MSMIF Analysts obtain the skills they need to make investment proposals, while the know-how steadily increases from one generation to the next.

Encourage Leadership

We believe that leadership skills can only be obtained by taking responsibility, e.g. every MSMIF Analyst is directly responsible for the investments he proposes. Besides that we offer multiple opportunities to take responsibilities for teams, sectors or even the entire project.

Promote Value Investing

We want to generate sustainable returns on the long run by following a Value Investing strategy. This concept - established by very successful and well-known investors like Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet and Philip Fisher - focuses primarily on fundamental analysis. We conduct a deep qualitative and quantitative analysis and thereby aim to understand the business of our investment target.

Our Partners